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Are you over the age of 30 with dreams about reaching that next level in your arts career? Well Millennial X is dedicated to getting you there. Have a look through the site to learn more about the programs we offer and how to apply.

What We Offer

At Millennial X, we offer a full-range of resources across all levels of creativity and education. We teach a variety of modules spanning from scriptwriting, production, pitching and even circulation. Start your journey with Millennial X today.

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Filmmaking Mentorship

Our free filmmaking and scriptwriting intensive will take you through a full overview of the industry. You will have access to industry professionals, complete your very own script and produce a proof of concept. Click below to apply!

Balancing Rocks

Wellness Retreat

We understand that mental health and wellness have direct impacts on the creative process. Our retreat is a one week escape that bridges the elements of filmmaking with various elements of wellness. Click below to learn more!

Using a Touch Phone

Digital App

Living in a digital world, we want to ensure that our programs, services, resources and any exciting updates are right at your finger tips. Coming soon in 2023, our app will keep you in the loop. Click below to be the first to know when we are live!


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